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Livia has been in the health and fitness industry for thirty years. A single mum of three, a pro fitness bikini athlete and coach. Livia, 48, ( 49 in November) is dedicated to working with women through all stages of life to get in the shape of their lives! Livia runs a personal training business, Fitfreedom, and an online body cleanse business, both helping women with weight loss on a global scale.


Two years ago Livia started The Menopause Nutrition System page on facebook and is in the process of establishing a charitable fund for BHRT, a cause close to her heart. Having suffered terribly from early menopause herself she strives to help other women who are suffering. Currently focusing specifically on menopause exercise and nutrition and even taking women through transformation journeys to the stage!

Livia Francis

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Anna, international yoga teacher and teacher trainer, sparkled in Los Angeles as a designer, entrepreneur and yogi, but her heart desired adventure and knowledge... So for years she traveled the earth focusing on humanitarianism – en route, practicing and teaching yoga classes, workshops, retreats, festivals and teacher trainings. Over 100 of her graduates are currently sharing yoga worldwide.


Since 1998, Anna has been fortunate to have studied with renowned teachers around the globe, all of whom have shaped her own practice and teaching approach. Her dharma is sharing her passion for spiritual balance, and she devotes herself to exploring this – as a student and a teacher.

Anna Sugarman


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